Uyo, Akwa Ibom records terrible customer service during Yuletide

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Customer service is at its worst low across hospitality facilitaties in Uyo the Akwa Ibom capital city NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

Vivian Ukut has just expressed her gross disappointment from her experience of last week where she visited the city for a friend’s marriage ceremony billed for the oil city of Eket.

According to Ukut, while at the entrance of a popular hotel, she requested from the guy at the gate direction to the reception, he rudely ignored him playing a game on his mobile device. Interestingly, this was going to be the third hospitalilty house she would be visiting with similar experiences.

Ukut’s expresses herself thus, ‘If you are a voice in Uyo whether media or political please let’s put more effort in our customer service training unit.

‘I have been to three different places yet and I am highly disappointed.

‘But this one bad pass I am at a popular hotel entrance, dropped by their pedestrian gate walked in dragging my box and I am asking for direction to the reception from the guy at the gate… Guess what? he is playing car racing and totally ignoring me. See me looking at him and screaming sorry do you work hia? SMH.’

Below Ukut’s thread on Facebook, one Tyanna Chris corroborated by saying ‘No be lie oh! Experienced it first hand! Terrible customer service… Very rude’. Again, Imabasi Antia-Obong quipped: ‘Ufan, we have a long way to go with Customer Service in Uyo’. Ikakke Bassey confirmed ‘Sorry. I understand you exactly. Kpe’.