Cross River state and the Unveiling of an Historic Multimillion Dollars Artwork

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By Richard F Inoyo

Over the last 45 days an elite unit of fourteen (14) extremely creative and visionary artists have been working round the clock to lead Africa to a new and historic record in canvas painting. Collectively Known as Artists For Social Good, these artists have been committed to project using their resources and talents.

Determined to put Cross River State on the global map and make her number one in Africa in terms of new painting frontiers, these brilliant and highly talented youths have overseen the erection and the biggest painting on canvas in Africa with a fine dimension of 35ft by 25ft, the equivalent of a one-storey building.

And what is the philosophy, the creed and mission behind this magnificently bright, colorful and very huge multicolored canvas? The answer is found in the name given to this wondrous art project ( The Calabar Peace Project) that has just been evaluated and valued at $3million US Dollars by Hi-Performance Systems & Specialists_ a rare object-rating firm recently.

From the authority of its names, the Calabar Peace Project_ which the artwork is called, has been dedicated to promote peace in a State that is known to have lost some of its infrastructures to the aftermath of the hijacked #Endsars Protest by hoodlums who abruptly brought large-scale and violent destruction to the State’s infrastructure more than three months ago on the heels of dissatisfaction with the state of things in the country.

Today, we are seeing the project promoting peace by inspiring justice, unity, dialogue and happiness_ all brilliantly captured and propagated in the broad and sweet smile the young beautiful girl in the upper left side of the canvas painting inspired, and equally cemented by the white dove bird magnificently painted at the core of the artwork symbolising message of hope and universal peace starting from Cross River as signified by the State’s blue, white and blue flag leading the Nigerian flag of green, white and green to new era of peace for the Nation.

Other fine details added to this impeccable masterpiece have made the largest multimillion dollar artwork the talk, destination and envy of Africa. Hence, one wonders why the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency, Prof. Ben Ayade is yet to visit the Cultural Centre site where the artwork will be unveiled today and to behold the greatness of this inspirational artwork.

Is it that, he, the Governor does not appreciate good and great things? Is it that he, the Governor is yet to fully comprehend the need to promote peace in a State ravaged by violent insurrection targeted against prominent politicians and against government infrastructure just few months ago? Or his absence has been largely ordered by his expected plan to visit the site today when the project will be unveiled by 13 G.M.T this afternoon at the Calabar Cultural Centre.

As these questions loom the horizon of expectation about the Governor and his much awaited visit for unveiling, the elite unite of these fourteen patriotic youths, Hannah, Timothy, Peter, John, Awade, Romanus, Gaius, Ani, Ramson, Suksi, Blessing, Alotex, Charles, Iboro and others under the auspices of Artists for Social Good who have been working tirelessly to bring Cross River State to new record deserve some great commendations in cash and in kind from the State Governor and other prominent Cross Riverians.

As the greatest, biggest and largest multimillion dollar artwork get unveiled today by 13 G.M.T and 1PM local time at the Calabar Cultural Centre, a Project aimed at encouraging peace in Cross River State added a new dimension to its objective_ which is raising fund for street kids in Calabar, this is from me to you: Why not troop in with you and your family, friends and associates to watch the launch of a new history in Cross River State, as the biggest painting ever done on canvas in Africa gets unveiled right here in Calabar for peace and support for streetkids?



Richard F Inoyo,
Country Director,
Citizens’ Solution Network.