Racism & Twist: If only we can Rise above Despoiling ourselves

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📌In my third year of philosophy, I met a course – Evolution of Commonwealth, taught by Ukata Emmanuelinome, CMF at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy now Claretian University of Nigeria.

📌This course came after the systemic teachings of Prof. Izu Onyeocha’s Africa Philosophy I & II, a careful studying of Prof. @Emeka George Ekwuru’s Afrizealotism, and Prof. Onyenwenyi’s – Africa the Origin of Greek Philosophy.

📌So when our lecturer was busy trying to make us understand the Evolution of the Commonwealth, I was confused and I asked these questions:

👉 What is the relevance of this course since:
1. The wealth can’t be regionalized?
2. Those in charge are more wealthier than the countries from which the wealth comes from?
3. Why teach this instead of our history.

📌Unfortunately, all these “biases” made me not to really give the course the needed attention landing me to “C”. Well I wasn’t worried because at least I learnt something by reading two novels written by our dear lecturer Fr. Ukata.

📌Today, we have seen a family that cannot keep it own self together because of “Dark” Skin colour is keeping multiples of Black Nations in the name of commonwealth just to exploit their wealth! The colonizer that pretends to be a friend and a savior!

Osinakachi Akuma Kalu writes from Nigeria.