10 things Efik men will do to Seduce you

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Efik men. I mean the real Efik men will seduce you. I’m a testimony. I escaped one and I’m trying to escape another one. But this one is hard.

I don’t mean seduction in terms of sex. Biko, open your mind! I mean seduction in terms of everything you need: They’d take their time to make you feel wanted. They’d make little gestures that’ll make you marry them.

The attention and listening ear they give to you is their tool! Every real Efik man is soft and gentle and treats you like a baby. He’s willing to defend you. He’s going to provide for you… maybe little but, it’s his effort to move heaven and earth that enticed you.

He’d caress you with words. Lick your soul with tongues of sweet tales and promises. Make you laugh and choke to death.

And act like a father that You never had. He’d be jealous and over protective and women love that.

He’d have you thinking about him 24/7. I’m not going to lie, they are good in the other room too. We all know them for that.

The real Efik men are a bomb. It’s just that their flaws outweigh their perfections but it’s worth a try if you love them.

Whitney Onyejekwe writes from Calabar.