Engr. Ben Akak’s 2021 Easter felicitation

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Dearly beloved,

We at the Ben Akak Foundation are pleased to join Christians all over the World, in Nigeria and Cross River state on this auspicious day to celebrate the commemoration of the Betrayal, Crucifixion and Resurrection of the saviour of the World — our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate this day, it’s quite important to soberly reflect on the essence of the sacrifices Jesus made during his ordeal of betrayal; the humiliation on the way to Calvary and the ultimate price of dying for the remission of the sins of the World which brought about salvation.

Today, the Triumphant Resurrection of Jesus has changed the trajectory of Humankind forever. He has conquered death on the Cross and has demonstrated to the World that his sacrifice is not in vain. After pain comes gain. No wonder, Yahweh has so greatly exalted him. We at the Foundation are of the firm belief that the scourge of the Covid 19 pandemic which is a symbolism of death has been erased by the Death and Ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ .

This is more so because in recent times we have witnessed the flattening of the Curve of the Pandemic. The invention of vaccines has further mitigated its spread.

Futthermore, for a man to die for another to live is the greatest sacrifice and that is what the Ben Akak Foundation strives to exemplify by making the world a better place than we met it.

Like the Christians of old did by selling their belongings and sharing the proceeds with those that have none, we are enjoined in the spirit of the season to share the little we’ve got with those that have none; and pray for political stability, religion tolerance, security and good governance in Nigeria.

Happy celebration!

Engr. Ben Akak
Sunday, 4th April 2021