BREAKING: Ekpe Masquerade Joins “Calabar Bitcoin Halving Festival” in Cultural Display

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Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria – The Calabar Bitcoin Halving Festival continues to captivate attendees as the traditional Ekpe masquerade makes a vibrant appearance, infusing the celebration with cultural richness and ancestral reverence. Led by esteemed Ekpe lords and initiates, the procession commenced at the Eleven Eleven Roundabout and proceeded to the bustling Watt Market Roundabout, where a spectacle of traditional dances, libations, and prayers unfolded NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

Ekpe masquerade at the Itiat Abasi Orok effigy paying traditional obeisance today
Ekpe masquerade at the Itiat Abasi Orok effigy paying traditional obeisance today

Hon. James Otudor, a leading proponent of Bitcoin technology and organizer of the festival, underscored the significance of integrating cultural heritage with technological innovation. Speaking amidst the rhythmic beats of traditional drums and the mesmerizing movements of the Ekpe masquerade, Otudor emphasized the importance of honoring ancestral traditions while embracing the transformative potential of Bitcoin.

“As we witness the convergence of tradition and technology here today, we are reminded of the enduring power of our cultural heritage and the boundless possibilities of Bitcoin innovation,” remarked Hon. Otudor. “The Ekpe masquerade symbolizes our connection to the past, while Bitcoin represents our pathway to a digital future. Together, they form a dynamic tapestry of identity and progress.”

Continuing, he said “this afternoon, the ongoing event is called the Bitcoin Eburutu. Initially it was Bitcoin Efik, but we understand that Eburutu is a larger nation that comprises a lot of other ethnic groups in the Eburutu nation. The idea is we want to demystify Bitcoin. We want to let the market man, the market woman, the regular man, the average Nigerian understand why they need Bitcoin in their daily lives and what Bitcoin can do for them.

Traditional dance troupe at Watt Market marching towards the Itiat Abasi Orok effigy at the popular Watt Market roundabout
Traditional dance troupe at Watt Market marching towards the Itiat Abasi Orok effigy at the popular Watt Market roundabout

“Bitcoin itself is not just money. It’s a technology that can be built upon several other things. For Bitcoin itself, the fact that you can send money instantly faster than the traditional bank network is something very powerful… for market women having to do with buying and selling. It is easier to interact with people in their local language dialect, especially on controversial topics like Bitcoin. The general notion is that Bitcoin is a scam. Anything crypto is a scam. That’s the general notion.

“I will also note that this is the first time in Nigeria and even in Africa, that we are having a fusion of tradition into Bitcoin as a technology. As you can attest, it is a colourful event. We have traditional rulers, chiefs, masquerades. This is a glamorous event”, Otudor concluded.

At the Watt Market Roundabout, attendees were treated to a spectacle of Ekpe dances and pantomimic stunts, characterized by intricate movements and elaborate costumes, as well as the solemn ritual of pouring libations and offering prayers to the ancestors. His Royal Highness Muri Ekpo Eyo Oku, led the ceremonial proceedings, invoking blessings and guidance from the spiritual realm as he poured libations and muttered prayers of goodwill at the legendary Itiat Abasi Orok (at Watt Market Roundabout).

His Royal Highness Muri Ekpo Eyo Oku pouring libation, prayers and invoking the ancestors at Itiat Abasi Orok effigy 

The organisers have noted that the fusion of traditional Ekpe customs with the modern phenomenon of Bitcoin halving exemplifies Calabar’s unique blend of heritage and innovation. As participants immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural display, they are reminded of the enduring legacy of Calabar’s rich traditions and the promise of a future shaped by technological advancement.

“The Bitcoin Halving Festival enters a new phase of celebration and exploration, bridging the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation”, a source is quoted as saying.

In the evening other elements of the Calabar Bitcoin Halving Festival unfolds.