There are mannequins in Saudi Arabia

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Contrary to the strand of Islam being practiced in Northern Nigeria courtesy of the Shari’a Law and the agency established to enforce Sharia law in some states who recently banned stylish haircuts, sagging of trousers, and playing of music at social events by disk jockeys, there are emerging facts that prove that the proposition of the Hisbah Board is actually not as Islamic as may be perceived.

Reno Omokri the social media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan has evolved new facts from Saudi Arabia.

According to Omokri, ‘This is Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam. Notice the mannequins in the store window. Yet, in my country, Nigeria, some people, in an effort to be more Muslim than the very Sayyid (descendants of prophet Mohammed SAW), have banned mannequins for being unIslamic.

‘In that same Kano, unemployment is a major issue. Yet, on August 5, 2016, Kano successfully put pressure on General Buhari to shut a film village that had been sited there by the Jonathan administration, because it was unIslamic, despite the fact that it would create jobs.

Nigerians should ask themselves whether mannequins are our problem in the year 2021…’ he said in part.