OROK DUKE: C’River candidates about to lose out in 22 out of 32 sports nat’l elections

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As Nigeria is currently selecting the various next set of national sport administrators, information reaching NEGROIDHAVEN has it that Cross River candidates are about to lose out in 22 out of the 32 sports elections. 

Ironically, the state is allegedly passionately busy digging its own grave as some Cross River sport administrators have been accused of calling other states delegates not to vote her own candidates.

All of Cross River candidates in the ongoing national sport administration elections have reportedly lost out leaving Duke as the last man standing, no thanks to Emmanuel Elom the Chairman of Cross River Sports Commission.

According to a source, ‘Elom, the director of sports and others have gone horse-trading, vowing that they have instruction and duty that Orok Duke should also lose.

‘The last man standing, Chief Orok Duke, who is running as the South South chairman of Table Tennis Federation had been endorsed by five out of six states. Information reaching us had it that it is even his state that wants him down. They have been busy calling other state delegates not to vote Orok Duke and even if Orok Otu Duke wins he will be the only Cross Riverian administering any of the 32 sports.

‘How can one explain that Cross Riverians contested to head different zonal and national bodies of sports and we lost in all the 22 different sports’, the source disclosed.

Cross River state had never had it this low in sports administration and placement. This is a state where almost all the sports started: from Football to Cricket, Handball, Weightlifting and what have you.

This informs why the state has produced erudite sport administrators like Etubom Oyo Orok Oyo, Chief Efiom Okon, Ikpeme’s of this world, Ntiero Effiom etc.

Sport has taken a nose-dived ever since Emmanuel Elom was made Chairman of Sports Commission. The state is no where to be found in any sport.

Even the table tennis that was our last strength and pride, the training complex was sealed some weeks to major tournaments… Elom claimed that the instruction was from above.

However, the table tennis fraternity has been blessed with a six board complex from the enclosed three and with Olympic standard facilities.

See below other state standing in elections held 2 days ago. Orok Duke elections is coming up on the 30th of September, 2021.