Chief Nyong Eyo Ekpo still the subsisting village head of Ekorinim… Village Council

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Chief Nyong Eyo Ekpo has been asserted to be the subsisting and pre-eminent community leader of Ekorinim Community in Calabar NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

The above disclosure asserting the status of Chief Ekpo was made by the Village Council of the said community on Thursday in Calabar during one of the village council sessions.

The traditional leadership of Ekorinim had to emphasise this position against the backdrop of the unsubstantiated opinion contrary to that of the traditional leadership.

Ekorinim Village Council in session on Thursday

According to the Secretary, the Woman Leader, and a representative Youth Leader of Ekorinim, the position of the community hinges on the fact that there is a laid down procedure for selection of the traditional leadership of Ekorinim which has not been religiously observed by the meddlesome interloper, namely, Ekpo Okon Ekpo. According to this said procedure, a traditional ruler is not imposed on the community, on the contrary, the leadership is sourced locally and presented to the Ntoe of Calabar Municipality and then the Ekpo Abasi Family and then the Obong of Calabar.

Obonganwan (Princess) Okpoho Edet Nsa

According to the Secretary of Ekorinim, Mr Emmanuel Ekpo Edet, ‘Ekorinim is a village, we have the village council, our decisions are to be taken by us, if we need a leader, we are to choose a leader by ourselves, nobody can impose anybody on us as a leader because they don’t have such rights… Mr Ekpo Okon Ekpo cannot be our village head, the incumbent is still alive’. On her part, Princess Okpoho Edet Nsa the Woman Leader, speaking earlier said ‘nobody can stay outside and send us a village head whereas we have a village head with certificate’. The Youth Leader who is Mr Okon Effiong Iyasa also reinforced the position of the secretary and Princess Nsa as he said that ‘We have a village head who is still alive, he is still working with us; even if he were to be late, it is us who will make the new village head’.

Ekorinim Secretary, Edet informed that the crisis, which is capable of causing a breach of the peace, will be resolved peacefully.