C’River/British Ties: Fmr State AG disappointed at Gov Ayade’s use of ‘cheap, disposable biro’

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Eyo O. Ekpo Esq a former Attorney General/Commissioner for Justice in Cross River has berated Prof. Ben Ayade the state governor for allegedly using what he described as cheap and disposable biro to append his signature on British condolence register in respect of the demise of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

The former SDP guber candidate said that former governors of the state would have done differently, particularly Donald Duke, would not have done what he alleged Ayade did. According to him, Duke would have used a $10,000 elegant Montblanc fountain pen for such an occasion.

His words, ‘Governor Ayade went to the British High Commission to offer condolences on the death of Queen Elizabeth 2 and sign the condolence register. Very nice. We must all commend him specially for reinforcing the historical relationship between Great Britain and its ruling House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor and Cross River State, specifically Old Calabar and its traditional institutions. If you know, you know.

Gov Ayade appending signature on condolence register at British Embassy

‘Anyway, looking at this picture, I’m thoroughly disappointed that our Governor, with all the resources at his disposal, used a cheap, disposable red biro to sign the condolence register. In the British High Commission of all places!!! Chai!!!

‘Wasn’t he told by his protocol people that his predecessors-in-office used elegant Montblanc fountain pens presented in special leather cases for special occasions such as this? Donald Duke had a particularly lovely set which he brought out only for special events such as giving Assent to legislative Bills.’

Gov Ayade signing multi billion naira contracts with N100 office file according to critic Agba Jalingo

He added concerning Duke, ‘If he were Governor today, I have no doubt that Donald Duke would have been turned out immaculately in a dark suit (not blue like our Oga) white shirt with cufflinks (not ordinary button-down like our Oga) with a white pocket square neatly tucked into his top suit pocket. Sartorial but appropriate for the occasion…unlike our Oga.’

However, one of the governor’s media aides, Eugene Upah, has disagreed with Ekpo concerning his diatribe against his principal the governor.

Upah alleged that Ekpo has a reputation for promoting what he tagged ‘crude sentiments’. Upah further noted that in actuality, Ayade used a red tip Montblanc pen.

His words, ‘You have never hidden your desires to promote crude sentiments.

Even from a distance you would see vividly that the pen is a red tip montblanc. It is not the conventional biro that you find around. If you have ever spent time with His Excellency, you would know that he uses a sleek oxblood ink pen. His Aide-De-Camp (ADC) carries it in a case. He uses it for endorsements and it has a special case. I am telling you because l have been with him and seen him grant endorsements with it. If in doubt find any document endorsed by the Governor, you would see that the ink looks very sharp in contrast and brightness.’

On Gov Ayade’s dress sense, Upah have this to say ‘Governor Ayade is premium class in himself. Take a look at his tie and overall dress sense. Doesn’t he appear like Denzel Washington or Jurgen Klinnsman?’

‘Of all the things to discuss about the diplomatic ties between Cross River and Great Britain, the design of a biro is what interests a former governorship aspirant? Sad!’, Upah continued.

As at press time, NEGROIDHAVEN has not independently ascertained if the incumbent governor of Cross River state used a designer pen or a cheap, disposable biro.