Controversial dancer Korra Obidi writes first poem after being divorced officially

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Controversial Nigerian dancer based in the California in the United States has scribbled a poem two days ago immediately she was officially divorced.

In the four stanzas, sixteen lines poetry, the divorced dancer was understood to be musing about the relationship between a perceived controlling man and a woman seeking liberation. Her poetry aimed at demonstrating the ultimate impossibility of dominating, and commanding a woman by a controlling man.


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Obidi who through her recent poem suggested that a woman is wild such that she can’t be tamed observed that the feminine is divine with creative powers aimed at liberation. Below is the poem:

‘The control intoxicates

To dominate the womb you came

To command a woman

The power thrill euphoric


‘But, like Mother Nature

She is wild like a river

You can seek to tame

But one day she will erupt


‘Like a wolf without a pack

She will explode your constraints

Like water hedge by a dam

She will rot the wood to emerge


‘And cry a sweet cry of liberation

With a subtle hint of vengeance

Laced with a divine feminine

The power to create’.

On Saturday Obidi announced her official divorce with her ex-husband, Dr Justin Dean.



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