DEVELOPING STORY : How APC C’River Asst. Woman Leader physically abused Leader of Calabar Municipality Legislative Assembly

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DEVELOPING STORY : How APC C’River Asst. Woman Leader physically abused Leader of Calabar Municipality Legislative Assembly


NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed that Maria-Asumpta Offiong the All Progressives Congress, APC Cross River Assistant Woman Leader has been accused of physically abusing Essienanwan Eso the Leader of Calabar Municipality Legislative Assembly to the point of seriously hurting her eyes.


The accusation is made by Leader Eso, who is currently undergoing treatment for the bodily injuries inflicted upon her especially her eyes by Offiong, at an undisclosed medical facility within the state capital metropolis.


According to Eso whom our correspondent met with on Wednesday, this incident happened earlier this week on the evening of Monday, eve to the Tuesday APC Cross River gubernatorial candidate campaign rally at Calabar Municipality.


Eso informed NEGROIDHAVEN that they got information that Offiong had received the sum of one hundred thousand Naira (N100,000.00) only reportedly from the Chairman/Mayor of Calabar Municipality, Nta Eke Efeffiong, for mobilising women for the campaign rally. The triad of the leader of council, party chapter representative and a local government appointee was approached to her residence at Essien Town to get their portion of the sum for their zone (Obutong) within the ward, which is twenty five thousand Naira (N25,000.00).


While the three of them were inside Offiong’s house, requesting for the N25,000.00 for their ward’s zone (Obutong), Offiong without provocation pounced on her raining torrents of punches on her face and eyes while using her hands to press Eso’s neck against the wall inside her home to the point where she began choking. She was eventually rescued by the other two women but, this was not before she had totally torn her clothes as she stood naked in public.


Eso who said that Offiong was not provoked by her, observed that while she was pounced upon by the APC Assistant Woman Leader, she heard her saying, ‘I was waiting for you’ repeatedly.


Eso who informed that she will seek legal redress for infraction on her right, noted that this development may not be unconnected to her aspiration for the office of Chair of Calabar Municipality.


Meanwhile, in a phone interaction with Offiong, she said she would not react over the phone but would love a physical interview with our correspondent; when pushed further for details on physical schedule, she said via SMS: ‘Give me some time, you can’t eat into my space freely’. She obviously refused to talk.





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