Why Anthony Bissong Attah was allegedly sacked as YPP C’River Chair

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Reasons have emerged as to why Comr. Anthony Bissong Attah the for Cross River chair of Young Progressives Congress, YPP has been relieved of his position NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

Chief Edet Okon spoke to these four reasons on Thursday in Calabar the state capital metropolis in a press conference.

According to Okon, Anthony Bissong Attah is said to be involved in antiparty activities, high handedness, failure to convene a state working committee meeting and threat to state security.

What follows is a full text of Chief Okon ’s explanation.




We the undersigned State Working Committee Members (SWC) of our great party — Young Progressive Party (YPP), Cross River State Chapter, have been following the activities of one Anthony Bisong Attah, the former State Chairman of our party. As a responsible political party, with a clearly defined manifesto which endears the youth and the general electorates to the party, we are constrained by the fact that, Mr. Anthony Bisong has derailed the focus of our party, thus plunging us to ridicule, shame and mockery. The following are his opprobrious actions. 


1. ANTI-PARTY ACTIVITY: we have undeniable evidences of series of anti-party activities perpetrated by Anthony Bisong. He has been holding clandestine meetings as well as collecting money from the APC so as to systematically emasculate the Young Progressives Party YPP in the State. Recently, he signed and collected the sum of N3.5million for this purpose. Anthony Bisong has become more of 

APC than YPP, this is unacceptable and is a negation of the constitution of our great party. See details in our constitution online. 


Conveners at the press conference on Thursday in Calabar the Cross River state capital metropolis

2. HIGH HANDEDNESS: A French writer, Baron Montesquieu who propounded the theory of separation of power, perhaps foresaw the selfish and arrogant activities of Mr. Anthony Bisong Attah, before articulating this theory. Mr. Anthony Bisong has arrogated to himself the power of an emperor. He is bossy over all the State Working Conymittee members and even key party stakeholders such that this action has caused some of our members to defect to other political parties. This violate the provision of our party’s constitution.


3. FAILURE TO HOLD STATE WORKING COMMITTEE MEETINGS: According to our party’s constitution, the State Chairman is to convene a State Working Committee (SWC) meeting thrice a year. Available records have shown that this constitutional provision has been breached by Mr. Anthony Bisong Attah as he has not convened such a meeting in the past one year. This is scen as a plot to stifle the party, hence his new found love with the APC. 


4. THREAT TO STATE SECURITY: Mr. Anthony Bisong has abandoned the path of honour. Our attention has been drawn to a press release signed by the Deputy Chief Press secretary, Linus Obogo. In his Pres release, he revealed that Anthony Bisong was given the sum of N50 million by some members of the opposition party to discredit INEC and the state government. For us, Our interest lies in the lives and property of the state. We the member of the YPP can not sit and watch our dear State being destroyed because of selfish benefit of an individual. 


We have viewed Anthony Bisong’s action of late to be that of a dancer dancing to an invisible drummer whose drum beatings and lyrics can only be heard by him. The activities of Anthony Bisong are an embarrassment to our party. We are not known to be vulgar, violent, and preposterous. This is against the philosophy and ideology of our party. For the allegation of bribery and corruption we call on security agencies to promptly investigate his financial dealings and bring him to book. 


Chief Edet Okon


Thursday 9th February 2023.




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