Doubtful Peter Obi putting word for Sandy Onor will impact outcome of guber polls… Analyst

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Doubt has been expressed over the People’s Democratic Party PDP Cross River gubernatorial candidate successfully making it at the poll come 17th March gubernatorial election in the state NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

This disposition was expressed on Monday by political analyst, Simon Utsu, on social media in a thread titled : PETER OBI’s SEEMING ENDORSMENT & MATTERS ARISING IN THE RACE TO THE CRS GOVT HOUSE.

This disposition of uncertainty is against the backdrop of the subtle endorsement by Obi on Arise TV Morning Show of the guber candidate of the PDP in the state.


According to Utsu, ‘Sandy Onor… getting Peter Obi to put in a word for him, has earned him some points in the mind games even though I doubt it’d have any impact in the outcome of this weekend’s gubernatorial elections.’

However, Utsu commended Onor for the passionate drive of his guber campaign while lampooning the All Progressives Congress, APC Cross River gubernatorial candidate, Prince Bassey Edet Otu.

Utsu said that, ‘I must commend Professor Sandy Onor for his recent drive in the race to Peregrino House. He seems to want the seat more than Prince Otu. Like it’s often said, power isn’t given, it is sought for. Sandy has gained considerable points in recent days even as he has made some gaffes. He heated up the polity when he delivered that speech appealing to ethnic (Ejagham) sentiments. His subsequent alliance with the Labor Party’s Reps candidate for Yakurr/Abi, John Ifere, was a master stroke…

‘I’m surprised that Prince Otu seems to be playing second fiddle in this game- he should be the one playing attack and not Sandy. From what I’ve observed, Otu has been depending more on his mass appeal. He has been too calm and passive on the trail. And I also heard that there’s some clannish tinge to the composition of the core of his campaign circle. He has been surrounding himself with not even his Efik kith but with mostly those from his Odukpani locality’.

However, and disagreeing with Utsu’s opinion, Ceejay Ojong explained that Otu is accomodating and inclusive. He said that ‘I do not believe Prince Otu is clannish at all. It is just that the present APC campaign is structured around key packets of principalities and powers across the State that are working and aligned to the same purpose of success for him. Some sort of decentralisation of the campaign if you will.

‘Besides, there are many not from the South who know him for many years that can attest to his being very accommodating, broadminded, non-tribalistic and non-discriminatory in the least.

‘Far back in 2012/2013 he then as a Senator representing Southern Senatorial District personally took my credentials to then PGEJ for appointment as Executive Director in NSIA (Sovereign Wealth Fund). The President minuted on it but it was not acted on eventually. Then he pushed again to have me considered as MD NEXIM but discovered half way that the decision had been taken at the hierarchy to renew the expiring tenure of the BoD and Exco. Yet, I am from Central Senatorial District!

‘And, there are many like me outside his Senatorial District who can attest to this his nature. I am also aware that when he started this journey he had 3 key people who made the sign up and blessings for its success. Two are from CSD and only one was from SSD. So, cut him some slack here’.





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