Developing Story: YPP C’River chair is an absolute ruler… C’River guber candidate alleges

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A press release purportedly written by the Young Progressives Congress, YPP Cross River gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 general elections suggests that there is trouble within the ranks of the YPP in the state NEGROIDHAVEN can say.

Joseph Coco-Bassey the YPP Cross River gubernatorial candidate, through the press release, has accused the state chairman of the YPP in the state, Anthony Bissong Attah, of being absolute, draconian and authoritarian.

According to Coco-Bassey, Attah’s alleged reprehensible leadership style of taking decisions unilaterally is at the cost of the YPP in the state. He also suggested that there has been numerous attempts to address the problem which has proven abortive. He promised not to allow the destruction of the party.

Coco-Bassey’s statement reads in part, ‘I had/have noted with dismay the attitude of the state chairman (Monarchical) where he takes singular decisions for the party without consultation to the extent of causing so many of our party faithfuls to abandon the party which actually is very appalling and discouraging but as the leader of the party who threw caution to the air and abandoned my good job/position to align with a party of hope to bring succor to our people, state and by extension our country Nigeria I had to keep pleading for calm only hoping that the maximum ruler will embrace change but what I see today is worst than what I envisaged…

‘I just decided to exit all draconian platforms of the party in the state administered by our sole head and decision maker who has decided to shut everyone out and changed all admins without due consideration. I wonder what he feels he will achieve with such attitude. This goes a long way to signal the perceived destruction of the party planned/orchestrated and executed by the sole administrator of the party. I wish to pledge that as long as I live, no one will destroy Young Progressives Party (YPP) in Cross River State no matter how highly placed not now that I have invested my career/job and finances for the party.’

Long before the 25th February and 18th March 2023 national and state elections, NEGROIDHAVEN has been aware of disenchantment against the YPP Cross River Chair, Anthony Bissong Attah. Along this line of thought, the YPP state boss is perceived by some to have hobnobbed against the interest of his party in favour of yet-to-be mentioned political party and candidate. It seems a more larger crisis may be precipitating.





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