Notable Fearism Scholars from around the World making Impact

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1. Desh Subba : Hong Kong-based philosopher and author from Nepal who has written extensively on Fearism and its applications in various domains. He is the founder of the prestigious Fearism Center, Dharan Nepal. Desh has over 30 International Awards on Fearism.

2. R. Michael Fisher : Canadian Educationist and author who developed the Fearism perspective. Influenced by the American psychologist Kenneth Earl Wilber (Ken Wilber), he has written wildly on fear. Fisher has over 500 technical papers, and numerous books based on Fearism. He has been writing on Fear since later 70’s making him one of the oldest writer in the field of fearism. He is the director of the In search of Fear of Fearless Research Institute, founder of International Journal of Fear Studies, and The Fearology Institute. He was the winner of Fearism Award 2019.

3. Osinakachi Akuma Kalu : Nigerian philosopher and futurist. He has written and spoken widely on Fearism. As the winner of the Fearism Award in 2018, he also got the documents authorizing him to start Fearism Study Center. He has four books based on Fearism and numerous articles on same topic. He is widely consulted by private and public sectors for fear management system and education.

4. Four Arrows (aka Don Trent Jacobs) : American academic and activist who has written about Fearism in the context of Indigenous worldviews and social justice.

5. Michael Eneyo : A Nigerian philosopher who has written widely on fearism. He contributed on its ethics and created a new concept on Fear Territory.

6. Joan Ruvinsky : Canadian psychotherapist and author who has incorporated Fearism into her therapeutic practice.

8. Ali Alizadeh : Australian poet and writer who has explored the role of fear in creative expression.

9. Kevin Rathunde : American educator and researcher who has applied Fearism to the study of education and human development.

10. Elena Lioubimtseva : Russian-American geographer and researcher who has used Fearism to analyze climate change and its impacts.

11. B. Maria Kumar : Indian writer and social educator who has written widely on Fearism co-authoring with Michael Fisher and Desh Subba.

12. Rana Kafle : An Indian Poet who won the Fearism award in 2017. He has written numerous poems on Fearism.

13. SubbaRao Mukkavilli : Indian philosopher and author who has written about Fearism in relation to spirituality and personal growth.

14. Nonye Tochi Aghaya : Nigerian Healthcare professional based in USA. Most of her works is based on effective communication in the healthcare sector both for the patients and clinicians. Fearism plays a vital role in her works because her focus is how both patients and clinicians present themselves to each other.

15. Oluwole Ogunranti : Nigerian philosopher and author who has explored Fearism in the context of African philosophy.

16. Renuka Singh : Indian sociologist and author who has studied Fearism iaboutgender and social justice.



Osinakachi Akuma Kalu writes from South Africa