Press Release: “Unveiling the Leaders” Youth Leadership Event

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Efik Leadership Foundation NGO

26 May 2023

The Efik Leadership Foundation NGO is proud to announce the third edition of their upcoming youth leadership event celebrating Children’s Day titled “Unveiling the Leaders,” scheduled to take place in Akpabuyo. The event aims to empower 150 secondary school students from 11 secondary schools, providing them with the necessary tools and inspiration to become effective leaders and contribute to their communities through positive engagement.

“Unveiling the Leaders” is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to nurture the leadership potential within young individuals, encouraging their personal growth and instilling in them the qualities needed to make a difference in society. The event will bring together 150 motivated secondary school students from Akpabuyo, Bakassi, and Calabar, creating a platform for learning, collaboration, and community impact.

The guest speakers for this year include Obo Effanga (Resident Electoral Commissioner , Edo State), Engr Ekpe Ita (former CRSHA member & Community leader) and Elizabeth Ita (CEO & Digital Polymath).

A key component of “Unveiling the Leaders” is the emphasis on community engagement. Students will work together in groups to identify local needs and devise innovative projects aimed at making a positive impact on their communities.

The Efik Leadership Foundation NGO recognises the importance of long-term impact and sustainability. Following the event, post-event follow-up and evaluation will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the program. Surveys and interviews will gather valuable feedback from students, mentors, teachers, and community members to measure the event’s impact on leadership skills, confidence, and community engagement.

Additionally, continued support and guidance will be provided to ensure that the participants remain actively involved in leadership and community initiatives beyond the event.

The following schools are participating:

◾️Community Secondary School, Ikot Ewa, Akpabuyo

◾️Government Secondary School, Ikot Edem Odo, Akpabuyo.

◾️Government Technical College Ikot Nakanda, Akpabuyo

◾️Arthur Jarvis High School, Akpabuyo

◾️Assurance Secondary School, Bakassi

◾️Government Secondary School, Ikang, Bakassi

◾️West Africa People Institute (WAPI), Calabar

◾️Duke Town Secondary School, Calabar

◾️Government Girls Secondary School, Big Qua Town, Calabar

◾️Government Secondary School, State Housing, Calabar

◾️Government Secondary School, Akim, Calabar

“Unveiling the Leaders” is a unique opportunity for secondary school students to unlock their potential, discover their leadership abilities, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. The Efik Leadership Foundation NGO is committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders, empowering them to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.