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Rt. Hon. Peter Agbe Odey, a distinguished statesman in Nigerian politics and leadership, was born in 1974 in Ogoja, Cross River State. He served two terms as a member of the Cross River State House of Assembly from 2015 to 2023 when he was elected Deputy Governor. 

During his time in the House, he sponsored 11 bills and introduced several motions, including the Bill Domesticating the Sustainable Development Goals and Ministry of Sustainable Development, Bill to Create the Cross River State Privatization Council, Bill Establishing the Continuous Teacher Training Institute, and Bill to Establish the Ogoja Polytechnic, and many others.

Before his political career, Rt. Hon. Odey held a significant role as a Conflict Adviser at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), working in Kuwait, Sudan, and Nigeria. He also served as the Head of Risk Management and Security at the Foreign Office in the British High Commission, displaying his expertise in global affairs.

Appreciating early the value of education, the astute yet unassuming Hon. Peter Odey obtained two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Calabar, one in Sociology and the other in Civil Law. He also holds two foreign Masters’ degrees in Political Sociology from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and International Relations with specialization in Peace and Conflict Resolution from the London Metropolitan University. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Peace Studies and Conflict Management.

Hon. Odey’s passion for politics first became apparent during his university years, where he held elective positions in the Student Union Government (SUG), National Association of Cross River State Students (NACRISS), and National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). These experiences shaped his understanding of governance and prepared him for his role in the political scheme of affairs.

As a multidisciplinary scholar with degrees in sociology, law, international relations, and conflict resolution, Rt. Hon. Peter Odey stands out as an exceptional choice for the position of Deputy Governor. His diverse educational background equips him with a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand and Cross Riverians should expect much from his wealth of knowledge.

Another of his notable strengths lies in his extensive experience. It is evident that his previous roles serving as a lawmaker for eight years and working as a conflict adviser at the esteemed UNDP have provided Odey invaluable knowledge and skills, positioning him as a competent leader for the governance of Cross River State.

The election of Rt. Hon. Peter Agbe Odey as the Deputy Governor of the Cross River State heralds a promising era for all Cross Riverians. With his wealth of experience, exposure and academic standing, this polished and vibrant leader brings a unique perspective to public service, progress and development in the state.



Fred Abua is the Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Cross River state