Sen. Bassey Edet Otu’ One Month on and the Story so Far

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The birth of a new government is always welcomed with crossed fingers, mixed emotions, and over-the-roof expectations. 

The voters, party faithful and the public went to the poll to elect a leader that they believed will out-perform the previous government, by so doing their respective expectation of the newly sworn-in governor can sometimes be far above human ability and available resources.

The effect of such expectation most times placed a serious burden on the shoulders of the government, by so doing the governor is left to deal with this immense pressure on his own, since he himself sought to govern, he must therefore be ready to carry everyone’s burden even to his own detriment.

The governor must therefore take the mantle of state-craft with vigor, tenacity and magnanimity in moving the state forward.

Senator. Prince Bassey Edet Otu has from day one demonstrated his readiness to frantically move the state’s fortune forward, closed observers did see the governor display magnanimity during his inaugural speech at the U.J. Esuene Sports stadium, when he recognized and thank key leaders of the main opposition party in the state for their individual support and his willingness to embrace their contributions and suggestions.

He showed tenacity just a week or two in office, when he appointed a retired major generation of the Nigerian Army as the state security advisor. These single actions by the governor, sent worrisome signals to those intending to perpetuate any form of criminality within the shores of the state.

Moreso, this is the first time in the history of our dear state and the entire south-south region that a retired Major General Okoi Ubi Obono; his appointed state security advisor.

Another of Sen. Bassey Edet Otu’s appointments that endeared him to the generality of cross riverians was the appointment of Prof. Anthony Owan Enoh a seasoned administrator as the Secretary to the State Government, a Man whose Credentials is laced with excellence and a detribalized forward-looking view of all cross riverians.

Sen. Otu has showed that he is indeed ready to tackle the perennial security issues and administrative overlaps that has almost destroyed Cross River State.

Furthermore, the governor showed immense vigor when he immediately swung into action, when the news of the FG removal of petroleum subsidy broke, his visit to some petrol station within the capital city; brings to light his people’s first manifesto.

During the visit, the governor appealed to petroleum marketers not to inflict too much pain on the people by hiking the price of the product, adding that his government through the petroleum taskforce will be watching to ensure strict compliance.

One month on, the governor has instituted measures to return the state to her days of glory; as not just the tourism capital of the nation, but the cleanest and safest state in the south-south geopolitical zone.

According to Piyush Goyal “the speed of decision making is the essence of good governance” the Sen. Prince Bassey Otu has in one month hinted to all Cross Riverians that the era of good governance is back in the state.

Cross Riverians must believe in the strength and resolve of His Excellency’s capacity and ability to lead us to the promise land of our collective dreams, for the possibilities are endless.

Naysayers must stay in their observatory and take note of the unfolding wonders of the season of sweetness; but they must not only be onlookers, because the canvas is large enough to accommodate those willing to participate.


Chief. Hon. Victor A. Ekpo

Broadcaster & Journalist