ON THE MMESOMMA SAGA! –by Kenneth Ikonne, SAN

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To insist that a young girl be afforded her constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence, until she either confessed or her guilt was established beyond reasonable doubt, was always the proper and civilized way to reason. And those who took that route in the Mesomma saga have nothing to be ashamed of.

Those who were entitled to speak the way some people rushed to speak, before her guilt was conclusively established, were either her co – conspirators, or diviners and sorcerers.

Now that the girl’s guilt has been convincingly established, and she has even confessed, what reasonable people feel is overpowering anger and sadness, not elation and happiness that they have been proved right!

My anger about the forgery is not even as deep as it is about the contrived guile and pretended innocence the young crook managed to muster in that virile video where it has now emerged she took us all for a ride. It was a virtuoso performance in nubile deception!


Ikonne, SAN writes from Nigeria