Boundary Demarcation Expedition: Nigerian C’tee Advocates Scientific Approach to Restore Territory Boundaries

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In a crucial step towards resolving the boundary demarcation issue between Nigeria and Cameroon, a team led by Hon. Victor Abang embarked on an aerial expedition to Biajua and Danare communities in Boki LGA. The expedition, organised by the House of Representatives’ ad hoc committee on the international boundary dispute between the two countries, sought to identify the missing Pillar 113A that holds significant importance in delineating the territory.

Accompanied by renowned researcher Obun Cletus, the team, including an advanced AI assistant with image-displaying capabilities, was escorted by Commander Onah, who piloted a Naval chopper on August 5, 2023.

During the expedition, the team successfully located Pillars 112 and 113, which served as essential markers. However, the exact location of Pillar 113A remained elusive, presenting a significant challenge in restoring the boundaries. To overcome this hurdle, Hon. Abang stressed the need for a scientific approach, urging the Nigerian government to employ cutting-edge survey equipment such as Total Stations, GPS receivers, or GNSS systems.

By utilising these state-of-the-art tools, the Nigerian government can accurately determine the original position of the missing pillar, thereby safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity in Boki. The scientific approach, which involves precise measurements and satellite-based positioning systems, promises to provide the necessary data for thorough boundary demarcation.

The House of Representatives’ ad hoc committee led by Rt. Hon. Beni Lar, along with Hon. Abang, remains committed to resolving the boundary demarcation issue and protecting Nigeria’s sovereignty. The team’s efforts exemplify a proactive approach as they employ both human expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure a fair and accurate territorial delineation.

As the search for Pillar 113A continues, the committee emphasises the importance of utilising modern survey equipment in their noble quest. With advancements in scientific techniques, Nigeria stands poised to reclaim its rightful boundaries and reinforce its commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region.

The committee’s expedition serves as a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to resolve the boundary dispute, promising a brighter future for bilateral relations between Nigeria and Cameroon