Sexual Assault Allegations Lead to Suspension of UNICAL’s Law Faculty Dean

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In the wake of mounting sexual assault allegations, the University of Calabar (UNICAL), this week, took a significant step by suspending the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Cyril Ndifon. This suspension follows widespread condemnation and calls for action against the alleged actions of the academic figure NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

Diana Mary Nsan, a concerned voice among many, emphasised that while the suspension is a necessary step, it should be regarded as just the beginning of a comprehensive series of actions to address the issue. The sentiment echoes the demand for accountability and justice by those closely following the case.

Journalist Agba Jalingo, who has been actively engaging with the victims, revealed that more than ten individuals have come forward to share their stories of violent sexual assaults and rapes allegedly perpetrated by Prof. Ndifon. Some of these victims have reportedly relocated abroad and are ready to provide testimonies against him, underlining the gravity of the accusations.

The allegations against Prof. Ndifon have sparked outrage and debates regarding sexual misconduct within educational institutions. The UNICAL management’s decision to suspend him can be seen as a response to these growing concerns. The institution’s commitment to addressing the matter is evident in its willingness to take this step and further action if deemed necessary.

As the news of Prof. Ndifon’s suspension spreads, reactions from various quarters continue to pour in. It is clear that the development has resonated with individuals who are deeply invested in justice for the victims and the promotion of safe educational environments.

The suspension of Prof. Cyril Ndifon is emblematic of a larger struggle to address issues of sexual harassment and abuse in academic settings. As the UNICAL management takes this crucial first step, the eyes of those advocating for accountability remain firmly fixed on subsequent actions to ensure that justice prevails and that the safety and well-being of students and staff are upheld.