A Survivor Speaks Out: My Experience with Prof. Cyril Ndifon

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I came across this trending news on Instablog9ja and my heart immediately started beating fast.

I remembered how Prof Ndifon frustrated 17 year old me. After I got admitted into law department of UNICAL, my dad handed me to this predator thinking he was helping me. He wasn’t informed!!

Prof Cyril Ndifon consistently attempted to molest me, he would send for me and immediately I got inside his office he’d try to grope me.

He would laugh at me and say I’m not a big girl, that other girls were doing it. He even asked me if I wasn’t already sleeping with my boyfriend.I became so scared but couldn’t do anything but try to run away from him.

I would always insist on my friend Janet Nku accompanying me to his office.

He had a frame of his family displayed prominently on his table, I remember one time while he was trying to touch me and in a bid to escape from him I mistakenly pushed the frame down and it broke.

One time he tricked me into his office and locked the door. He removed his trouser and as he limped towards me I began to scream very loud, I told him I’ll scatter his office and make sure everyone knows. That was the last straw!!!

I didn’t tell my dad what I was going through, instead I registered for JAMB and got admission into University of Abuja to study Political Science as against Law I really wanted to study.

I am 100% sure he did what they accused him of doing. Call me anywhere, I can stand by this accusation.


-By Angië Bóogie