Shameful, notDistinguished and notProf Ndifon, In My Own Eyes And Experience –By NELLY IDAGBA

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I believe NotProf Ndifon was meant to be a fine intelligent man from my own warm part of Nigeria. Coincidentally married to a cousin of my ‘husband’. Hmmm… Funny how nature brought the circle around.

I was just turning 18 when I got into his class in year 2. He taught Legal Method in the University of Calabar. This Man made Legal Method seem like a thesis in Havard University.

I recalled that faithful day after giving his lectures, he dropped his books on my desk and asked me to carry them and follow him to his office. I innocently did, but that was the beginning of my tragedy with him until I graduated from the faculty with pains and push.

Who doesn’t know NotProf Ndifon, and his monstrous pedophilic disorder in the Faculty of Law Calabar? It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you must or may have known or sniffed into his evil predatory hunt or even been a victim.

He started his sexual harassment with me immediately I arrived his office to drop his errand books by talking about very erotic stories and how much he liked me, and how I will come out in flying colors if I agree to be his girlfriend. It seemed really strange to me then because I was raised to reverence my elders especially a lecturer/teacher. I recall quickly calling my mother to report all he said; she asked that I avoid him completely which I did. But guess what? It still didn’t help one bit!

This Man made sure he failed me three consecutive times and harassed me at every given time I approached his office to question my result. I recalled he drank a certain tea with hemp constantly in his office which we gossiped as students because we thought that may have been one of the reasons he always got amorous with little female students. Lol

Some of his words to me that period were: “If you do not sleep with me, you will leave the faculty with a third class I promise you…even if you guide your p***sy, I will succeed or you will fail.”, and then he will give a demeaning and sarcastic laughter, he was a nightmare.

One time I sat for his ‘Harvard’ carry over while in year five writing his course with second year students, he walked into the hall and made an announcement saying “If you are here and I had asked you not to write this exams, walk out.”

I immediately knew he was talking to me but I kept on writing and he walked directly to my desk and used a red biro to cancel each page of what I wrote and asked me to submit. I cried and reported him to a lecturer who saw what he did. In the lecturer’s words, “sorry I can’t resolve your issue with him because he is my PhD supervisor.” He became a prayer point every evening in my home.

I was so confused at some point that I thought I was a complete daft in academics until I invited my parents to challenge my scripts. He had apologized to my parents saying he had failed me in error and would correct the results, but he never did.

On one occasion he sent for me, just when I opened his office, he immediately grabbed my white shirt trying to pull out my young fragile breast until a lecturer knocked on the door and he ran like a mouse in an open house looking for where to hide. This was my first shameful experience in the faculty of law, because rumors spread like wild fire on a young child’s life.

Again, I reported NotProf Ndifon to the then Dean of the Faculty, to some of his fellow lecturers, to all and sundry yet I carried my heavy cross like a leper.

We almost had a committee of female law students suffering from the same virus. Even if the committee had an upper and lower level of which the former were those young ones who couldn’t fight the beast and succumbed to him and the later were those who tried and stood their fragile grounds until the end. I was lucky to fall in the later otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever forgiven myself if he crossed spirits intimately with me.

Anyone who supports this man by joke or esprit de corps, is bringing in the wrath of evil upon his or her household. I chose to use this words for his cohorts because if the system was fair and worked, he would have been in jail years ago. Shame on NotProf Ndifon. May the God of the universe trap him on this one again and nip his buds down completely.

Thanks to the younger generation of law students Calabar, for standing up to what I(we) couldn’t.

I specifically thank any man who condemns this despicable act even if it could have been convenient to have covered or slut shame this little girls or women.

Fish this NotDistinguised men and women out of the system before it rubs off on us all.

Long live my alma mater!!!


Nelly Idagba is a lawyer and a virtual artist and she writes from Abuja.