Deputy Speaker Celebrates Birthday with Motherless Babies in Calabar

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1The Deputy Speaker of the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, CRSHA, Rt. Hon. Sylvester Agabi, celebrated his birthday on Wednesday with a heartwarming visit to an orphanage in Calabar, the Cross River state capital.

Rt. Hon. Agabi, sharing his sentiments on the special occasion, said, “Today is a very special day that God has made in His own will. Thirty-something years ago, I was born on this very fateful day. And it is my routine that each time God keeps me to see the day of my birthday, the happiest people I think I should celebrate with are the downtrodden.”

“The less privileged, my younger brothers and sisters, if you can remember, after my inauguration, with all the celebrations outside, I returned here to celebrate with these young ones. And today, by the very special grace of God, I am one year older. And I have returned here to celebrate with you,” he added.

Agabi emphasized his bond with the less privileged, saying, “I am one of you, nothing has changed us to be different. I know some of you here will be great in society. Some of you will leave here in no distant time. But, as God continues to keep me, I will never stop coming here. You will remain my best place to always celebrate with. Not only in birthdays but in celebrations like Christmas, Easter, anytime there is a celebration, whatsoever, as I eat with my family, I will reserve some for my birthday.”

Amatey Udim, the Deputy Head of the Motherless Babies Home, Uwanse, Calabar, expressed her gratitude, stating that the lawmaker’s gesture “will go a long way in helping in the welfare and care of the kids. We also use this medium to encourage others who are out there that there is a place like this – the orphanage home, that as they eat and celebrate, they should remember that there are children who also need help and care, especially the kids with special needs. We beg the public to assist the children with special needs.”

Below is the list of items donated by the Deputy Speaker to the Motherless Babies Home:

-2 bags of rice

-2 bags of garri

-20 tubers of yam

-Diapers (2 rows)

-Baby Milk (4)

-Biscuits (2 cartons)

-Baby oil (3)


-GBC air freshener

-Sanitary pads (1 carton)

-Bathroom slippers (2 packs)

-Bathing soap

-Mop sticks (4)


-Firewood (50 bundles)

-Soft drinks and snacks


-Baby wipes

-Pico baby drink (1 carton).

The Deputy Speaker’s heartfelt gesture highlights the importance of giving back to the community, especially to those in need, on special occasions like birthdays.