Honourable Minister for Sports, Sen. John Owan-Enoh, Engages Key Stakeholders in Lagos

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Lagos, NigeriaOn September 1, 2023, the Honourable Minister for Sports Development, Sen. John Owan Enoh, convened a dinner meeting with prominent stakeholders in Nigeria’s sports ecosystem in Lagos. This gathering, marked by the notable presence of sports media, aimed to foster closer ties and garner insights from the sports community NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

Lagos, often hailed as Nigeria’s sports media hub, provided an ideal backdrop for this crucial rendezvous. The minister saw this as an opportune moment to glean firsthand information and perspectives from the media, which plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion on sports development.

The primary objective of this gathering was to take stock of the current state of sports in Nigeria, exchange ideas, and, crucially, reinvigorate partnerships vital for the advancement of sports in the nation.

Sen. Owan-Enoh acknowledged that sports in Nigeria faces several challenges, including funding constraints, issues of trust, and inadequacy of facilities. Undeterred by these challenges, he expressed his unwavering commitment to surmounting these obstacles. He emphasised the need for collective dedication, stressing that achieving success in the sports sector necessitates a united front.

While addressing the audience, the Sports Development minister disclosed that ‘as an individual I was prepared for any portfolio Mr President in his wisdom was going to prefer that I get assigned to’.

One pivotal discussion point during the meeting was the diversification of sports support. The minister highlighted the need to channel attention and resources beyond football, acknowledging the existence and potential of other sports in Nigeria. While football undeniably commands a significant following, Sen. Owan-Enoh urged for a more comprehensive approach to sports development.

Sports, often regarded as a gateway to endless possibilities, holds the potential to bring global recognition, foster human and economic development, and promote social cohesion within any nation. Sen. Owan-Enoh’s engagement with key stakeholders underscores the government’s commitment to harnessing these potentials.

Owan-Enoh on Saturday visited Segun Odegbami, a retired super eagles star, sports journalist, administrator at his home to rub minds as well. After which the minister visited Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA where he was led to the sport’s diplomacy wall of fame. Sports is an instrument of international diplomacy.

As the dialogue continues, the sports community eagerly anticipates concerted efforts aimed at addressing the challenges plaguing Nigeria’s sports sector. The minister’s resolve to champion these efforts was evident during this significant gathering.