Mysterious Claims of Missing Manhood Spark Concerns in Calabar

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Calabar, Nigeria – A series of alarming social media posts have surfaced in Calabar, Cross River state, regarding incidents of individuals claiming to have lost their manhood. These bizarre reports have left residents perplexed and fearful NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

One post, accompanied by a video, alleges that suspected ritualists have been targeting people, with victims experiencing their private parts mysteriously disappearing. The unverified video shows individuals shouting and expressing their concerns about the alleged incidents.

Another post highlights the seriousness of the matter, stating that a man lost his manhood around the 8 Mile area of Calabar. Several other posts have warned people to be cautious about whom they shake hands with, suggesting that there may be sinister motives behind these strange occurrences.

However, some social media users have questioned the authenticity of these claims. They argue that blaming ritualists for missing manhood might not be accurate and could lead to unnecessary panic. They emphasise that medical conditions or infections could explain such issues, rather than diabolical acts.

One commentator criticised the propagation of such stories, likening them to tales of ghost sightings that eventually lose credibility over time. They urged people to exercise caution before jumping to conclusions.

Despite scepticism, the conversations online have raised concerns among the residents of Calabar. Many are now wondering if this phenomenon is becoming a troubling trend in the city.

While the stories remain largely unverified, they have triggered discussions about the safety of individuals, especially men, in the area. Whether these claims are rooted in reality or myth, they have certainly captured the attention of the community.

Local authorities have not issued any statements regarding these reports, leaving residents to rely on social media for information and discussions on the matter. As the conversations continue, people are advised to exercise caution and seek medical advice if they encounter any unusual health issues.