Pioneering PhD in Fearology Defended at University of Calabar

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In a groundbreaking achievement, Michael Eneyo has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in Fearology at the University of Calabar. His research, titled ‘An Existential Explanation of Fearological Ethics,’ marks a significant milestone in the field of fear studies NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

Eneyo, a Nigerian of Efik descent, is the first individual globally to defend a Ph.D. thesis in Fearology. He explained that while previous scholars had examined fear as an emotional concept, Fearism and Fearology represent a unique philosophical approach to studying fear and its role in addressing existential human problems.

The Fearism movement, founded by Desh Subba, attracted scholars from around the world, including Eneyo, who have contributed to this academic endeavor. Eneyo’s work, ‘Philosophy of Fear,’ published in 2018, laid the groundwork for a more systematic and philosophical study of fear.

Fearologist Michael Eneyo PhD

Eneyo emphasised that Fearology narrows the scope of study to fear in the context of humans, making it a distinct and academically rigorous field. He pointed out that Bhawani Shankar Adhikari, another scholar, had defended a Ph.D. dissertation on Fearism in 2021, further enriching the field.

Eneyo’s achievement highlights the growing importance of fear studies in academia. Notably, Oxford University recently introduced ‘Philosophy of Fear’ as a course in its curriculum, affirming the academic significance of fear-related studies.

Eneyo’s groundbreaking work and contributions to the field of Fearology pave the way for further exploration of this unique branch of philosophy.


Michael Eneyo’s Impressive Academic Journey

Dr Tom Ogar (Associate Professor) (far left), Michael Eneyo, external examiner Dr. Etorobong Godwin Akpan (Associate Professor) and Prof. Asira Asira (Head of Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar) (far right)

Michael Eneyo’s academic journey has been marked by excellence and dedication. He holds a Diploma in Religious Studies (1999) from the University of Calabar and a BA in Philosophy (2008), where he focused on Aristotle’s proportionate equality. Eneyo’s first degree academic journey was supervised by Associate Prof. Chris Akpan.

He went on to earn an MA in Philosophy (2016) with a focus on Joseph Fletcher’s Situation Ethics. His thesis was supervised by Prof. Ochulor Chinenye.

In September 2023, Eneyo defended his Ph.D. thesis, titled ‘An Existentialist Explanation of Fearological Ethics.’ His research was supervised by Prof. Asira Asira the Head of Department, the late Prof. Mesembe Edet, and Assoc. Prof. Tom Ogar who coordinates postgraduate studies at the Department. The external examiner was Assoc. Prof. Etorobong Godwin Akpan.

Throughout his academic career, Eneyo received numerous awards, including Best Graduating Student (Department of Philosophy) in 2008, Best Academic Student in the Department of Philosophy (Session 2006), and Best Academic Student in the Faculty of Arts (Session 2006). He was also recognised as the Most Consistent Congress Man in the Faculty of Arts in 2006.

Beyond academia, Eneyo is a decorated author with several books to his name, including ‘Philosophy of Fear’ (2018), ‘Philosophy of Unity’ (2019), ‘Ethics: Judging Morality Beyond the Limits of Man’ (2020), ‘The Transhuman World and Its Fears: A Fearological Manual’ (2021), ‘The Noble Chain’ (2022), and ‘The Canon of Wisdom’ (2023), along with ‘Mastering the Secrets of Fear: A Fearological Guide’ (2023).

He has also contributed articles to academic journals, including “Unraveling Philosophy of Fear: A Move to Overcoming Negative Fear” in ‘Gnosi: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Humanism and Praxis,’ Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2022).

Dr. Eneyo’s academic and literary contributions continue to make a significant impact on the field of fear studies and philosophy, solidifying his reputation as a pioneering scholar in this unique discipline.

Eneyo who joined the Nigeria Customs Service in 2012 is married to Dr Mrs Violet Eneyo, a Senior lecturer at the University of Calabar, the union is blessed with 4 children, namely, Ọ̀niọ̀ng, Abasi-Ekọ̀ng, Ase-Abasi, and Nseghe.