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By Margaret Ita & Agatha Cosmos 

Cross River state – In an effort to ensure a transparent and inclusive distribution of palliatives to its citizens, the Cross River State Government (CRSG) has devised a meticulous template. Dr. Helen Isamo, the Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs in the State, recently shed light on the comprehensive strategy during a radio call-in programme, Political X-ray on Sparkling 92.3 FM. The public servant said the strategy aimed at ensuring the palliative reached every cross-section of the population, particularly the vulnerable NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

According to Dr Isamo ‘as part of the responsibility of the committee we came out with ideas for the good of Cross Riverians and for the benefits of all without been biased. We have a 14 item templates for the distribution of the Palliative’, the distribution template is structured around various groups to ensure a fair and unbiased allocation of palliatives she added. These groups include:

Students: Ensuring that the younger population, especially those in need, are accounted for.

Religious Groups: Considering the reach and influence of religious organizations in communities.

Traditional Rulers: Acknowledging the pivotal role of traditional leaders in grassroots communities.

Labour Union: Catering to the needs of the working class and their families.

Support Groups: Targeting specific support networks within communities.

Disability Groups: Prioritizing those with special needs.

Motherless Babies Homes: Addressing the welfare of vulnerable children.

Refugees: Extending support to those who may be displaced.

Internally Displaced Persons (IBPs): Recognizing and assisting those displaced within the state.

Pensioners: Ensuring that retired individuals are included in the palliative distribution.

Security Groups: Including law enforcement and other security personnel in the distribution plan.

With these carefully defined groups, the distribution plan is structured to reach various substructures beneath them, ensuring that no segment of the population is overlooked.

In addition to the palliative distribution, Governor Bassey Otu has initiated measures to alleviate poverty in the state. Some of the key initiatives include:

Free Tuition: Implementing free tuition for all Cross Riverians in public primary and secondary schools, effective from the current academic session.

Salary Increment: Approving a #10,000 increment in salaries for government workers in the state.

These measures underscore the commitment of the Cross River State government to address the immediate needs of its citizens and alleviate the economic burden on vulnerable populations occasioned by the decision of the federal government to remove subsidy for PMS.