Goldtouch Organization Seeks Ambassadors to Represent and Inspire

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Goldtouch Organization, renowned for its annual Triple Young Minds event, is on the lookout for National Ambassadors who will serve as brand representatives and role models in Nigeria and beyond.

About Goldtouch Organization

Goldtouch Organization is the driving force behind the yearly Triple Young Minds event, which spotlights the positive attributes of Nigerian women and children. Winners of this event exemplify qualities related to community service and have been doing so since 2012, combining attributes such as grace, beauty, artistry, and refinement.

This event is family-friendly and fosters a sense of togetherness, drawing individuals who are passionate patriots for their country. Participants are assessed based on qualities like poise, intelligence, cultural values, and entrepreneurial skills.

Notably, the winners receive fantastic rewards from sponsors and governmental agencies.

Next Interview Session – November 4, 2023

The upcoming interview session is scheduled for November 4, 2023, at the prestigious Hope Waddel Training Institution, located opposite the Governor’s office in Calabar. This session is exclusive to Calabar residents, and for those residing outside Calabar, entries can be submitted via WhatsApp at 08065832445.

Proudly Supported by Various Partners

Goldtouch Organization’s quest to identify ambassadors is proudly supported by multiple esteemed partners, including the Ministry of Education, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Carnival Commission, and Hope Waddel Training Institution.

For anyone interested in participating, sponsoring, or seeking further information, the following contact numbers are provided:

For participation, sponsorship, and general inquiries: 07013581909, 07039689567, 08065832445.

This initiative by Goldtouch Organization aims to recognize and nurture the exemplary qualities of Nigerian women and children, showcasing the nation’s bright future through their contributions.