Sports Minister Encourages Private Sector Investment in Sports for Economic Growth

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Government Promises Support for Vital Areas of Sports Development


Abuja – Senator John Owan Enoh, the Minister of Sports Development, has called upon private sector investors to seize the opportunities provided by the government to invest significantly in the sports sector. Speaking at the National Defence College in Abuja on Tuesday, he highlighted that sports could be a substantial source of employment for Nigeria’s youth and unemployed population if fully developed.

In his lecture titled, “Sports Development as a Panacea for National Unity and Economic Development,” the minister praised the government’s new perspective, which views sports as both a recreational and business endeavor. He invited the private sector, investors, civil society, and the global sports community to collaborate with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration in unlocking the economic potential of sports in Nigeria, which he believes could lead to one of the most significant transformations of the 21st century.

Senator Owan Enoh expressed his commitment to the implementation of the National Sports Industry Policy (NSIP) with investor-friendly incentives. He pointed out that sports could significantly contribute to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), generating wealth and creating employment, yet this potential had largely been wasted due to inaction and missed opportunities.

The minister assured potential investors and Nigerians that the Ministry of Sports Development would create an environment where sports could flourish as not only a recreational activity but as a thriving business.

“As a government, we are determined to ensure the full implementation of this policy document to harness the transformative capacity of sports for the economic development of our country,” he stated.

Senator Owan-Enoh stressed that sports served as a powerful unifying force, connecting people across different backgrounds. He reaffirmed the Tinubu administration’s commitment to revitalizing the sports sector, a commitment that led to the establishment of a dedicated Ministry of Sports Development.

In addition to grassroots sports development initiatives, such as the National Sports Festival (NSF), National Youth Games, and Sports Development Centers, the ministry, under his leadership, will focus on expanding and enhancing School Sports Games, devising a strategic plan for nurturing young talents, improving athlete welfare, and fostering Public Private Partnerships for the enhancement of essential sports infrastructure.