Ayade’s Former Media Aide Schooled on True Identity of “Cally Air”

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… Journalist Debunks Misinformation

Calabar – In a recent online exchange, a clarification was made regarding the existence of “Cally Air,” shedding light on its true identity. Jonathan Abang Ugbal a journalist in Cross River took to social media to emphasize that Cally Air does not exist, debunking the notion that it is a separate airline NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

According to Ugbal, the aircraft in question is operated by Aero Contractors, Nigeria’s oldest airline, under the registration number 5N-BYQ. The promotional livery bears the name “Cally,” but Ugbal asserts that no airline named “Cally Air” operates in Nigeria. He further explained the criteria for officially being recognized as an airline, emphasizing the need for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and a minimum of three aircraft.

Additionally, Ugbal addressed misconceptions about the Boeing 737-300 aircraft used by Aero Contractors. He clarified that the 737-300 is not the largest in Nigeria, as Air Peace and Arik operate newer and larger aircraft such as the 737-500 and 747-700, as well as Airbus A320s. Ugbal corrected assertions about the noise produced by the 737s, explaining that their CFM Leap Engines are noisier than engines found in other short to medium-haul aircraft.

In contrast, Eugene Upah, apparently promoting Cally Air, highlighted its affordability, customer service experience, and the purported comfort provided by the Boeing 737 series. He praised the airline’s safety history and organizational professionalism, inviting passengers to fly Cally Air to various domestic routes.

As aviation enthusiasts engage in discussions about Nigerian airlines, the exchange between Ugbal and Upah underscores the importance of accurate information and clarifications within the industry.

This conversation is against the backdrop of the recent decision of Ibom Air suspending flight operations to Calabar.