Tragic accident on Murtala Mohammed Highway Claims lives in Calabar

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…Calls for safety higher than stricter measures against erring drivers


A dreadful autocrash has unfolded today on Murtala Mohammed Highway between AP petrol station and NYSC State Secretariat, involving a minibus loaded with potatoes and several passengers. The bus collided with a stationary faulty trailer that lacked appropriate caution signage. The aftermath sad incident is the loss of lives of the driver and two passengers.

This incident raises serious concerns about the safety of highways, particularly the issue of trailers breaking down without proper warning signs. The lack of caution contributed to this tragic accident, echoing a pattern that has claimed numerous lives in similar circumstances.

Reacting to the development on social media, a netizen passionately voiced the need for legal actions against such negligent trailer drivers, equating their actions to potential manslaughter. Another social media user shared a personal story of a colleague’s husband who lost his life in a similar accident three years ago, leaving the burden of caring for three children solely on the wife.

While condemning the actions of the trailer driver, another user also highlighted the often observed issue of excessive speeding on highways, particularly at night. The plea for drivers to exercise caution, especially during nighttime journeys, resonates as a crucial aspect of preventing such heartbreaking accidents.

Concerns were also raised about the apparent absence of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) near the accident site, emphasizing the need for enhanced monitoring and emergency response on our highways.

As we mourn the lives lost in this unfortunate incident, there is a collective call for stricter measures against drivers who neglect safety protocols and a renewed emphasis on highway safety to prevent further tragedies.