Efik Heritage Takes Center Stage as EDIYIE OBIO CANAAN Celebrates 10 Years of Cultural Revival

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…EOC Celebrates a Decade of Honouring Heritage, Embracing Culture.


On Friday, December 15th, 2023, the African Club Calabar buzzed with vibrant celebration as EDIYIE OBIO CANAAN (EOC), a global online community dedicated to preserving Calabar culture, marked its 10th anniversary. The theme, “Honouring our heritage and embracing our culture,” echoed through the packed hall as guests, including representatives of the Obong of Calabar and distinguished cultural pioneers, came together to witness a decade of dedication to Efik traditions NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Chief Mrs. Henrietta Edem, EOC’s founder and leader, delivered a heartfelt welcome address, recounting the group’s humble beginnings in 2013. “This dream was born from a desire to connect Calabar indigenes across the globe and empower our younger generation to embrace their rich cultural heritage,” she declared. With over 3,000 members on Facebook and WhatsApp, EOC has transcended the virtual sphere, fostering real-world connections through shared moments of joy and sorrow, from vibrant weddings to solemn burials.

Edem emphasized the group’s commitment to authenticity, stating, “We work tirelessly to combat misinformation and present our unique customs and traditions in their true light. We collaborate with members of the Palace to ensure accuracy and uphold the legacy of our ancestors.” This dedication manifested in captivating cultural displays by Shola’s group and Nka Nkori, showcasing the mesmerizing rhythms and regality of Efik dance and music.

Otu-Ekong Prince Holyns Hogan, a renowned cultural expert, delivered a captivating keynote lecture, delving into the significance of preserving heritage in a globalized world. He urged the audience to become living embodiments of their culture, carrying its essence wherever they go.

The evening culminated in the launch of the EOC Endowment Fund, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to secure the group’s future and support cultural education and preservation projects. This commitment to sustainability resonated with Chief Lady Helen Edet, who delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, praising EOC’s enduring impact on the Calabar community.

As the event drew to a close, Chief Mrs. Edem’s words resonated across the hall: “We must embrace our cultural heritage with pride and pass it on to future generations. Together, let us ensure that the vibrant tapestry of Efik traditions continues to shine brightly for years to come.” The closing prayer and final dance steps marked the end of a momentous evening, leaving the audience energized and hopeful for the next chapter of EDIYIE OBIO CANAAN’s cultural odyssey.