UNICROSS Alumni Association Elects Parallel Presidents Amidst Controversy

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Calabar  – The University of Cross River State (UNICROSS) Alumni Association finds itself in the midst of controversy as conflicting reports emerge regarding the outcome of its recent national elections, which saw multiple candidates declaring themselves as the rightful president NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

Contested Reports:

1. Comr. Andrew Ntul Emerges Victorious:

In one report, it is claimed that Comrade Andrew Ntul has been elected as the substantive National President following elections held at the U. J. Esuene Township Stadium in Calabar. The elections, which took place on December 12, 2023, reportedly had overwhelming support for Ntul, who expressed gratitude for the unrelenting support of his followers.

2. Dr. Inyali Peter Declared President Unopposed:

Contrarily, another report suggests that Dr. Inyali Peter emerged as the President unopposed at the 5th national convention held at the U.J Esuene Stadium in Calabar (with pictorial evidence flooding the Internet). According to the electoral committee Chairman, Comrade Victor Agor, Inyali Peter was ratified by the screened electorates, and other positions were also filled by elected individuals.

Parallel Declarations:

Adding to the confusion, the presidential race reportedly had three candidates, including Andrew Ntul, Dr. Inyali Peter, and Agwu Paul, all declaring themselves as presidents concurrently.

Disqualification and Contradictory Statements:

In the midst of the contested reports, claims of disqualification surfaced. According to one account, Andrew Ntul and Jumbo Isek were disqualified, with Ntul allegedly withdrawing from the race and not attending the screening, and Isek disqualified for not meeting constitutional requirements.

Calls for Unity:

Despite the conflicting reports, calls for unity within the UNICROSS Alumni Association have been made by various figures. Comr. Ibangha Victor, the campaign Alt. DG for Comr. Andrew Ntul, expressed gratitude for the support received and emphasized the need for continuous unity for a successful tenure.

Advisory Role and Unity Plea:

The immediate past President, Comrade Eyam Abeng, in his valedictory speech, assured the new executives of his continued advisory role and urged them not to begrudge anyone but to work hard to unite the association. Acknowledging the controversial nature of the elections, Abeng encouraged the new executives to learn from any mistakes and strive for inclusiveness.

As the UNICROSS Alumni Association grapples with conflicting narratives and leadership claims, the call for transparency and unity becomes increasingly imperative for the association’s stability and credibility.

Urgent Need for Resolution:

The conflicting claims and lack of clarity surrounding the election process have created significant uncertainty and division within the UNICROSS Alumni Association. To address this situation and restore confidence in the leadership, a swift and transparent resolution is crucial. This may involve an independent investigation into the electoral process, a recount, or even a re-election.



Only time will tell how this leadership crisis will unfold and who will ultimately be recognized as the legitimate President of the UNICROSS Alumni Association. It is imperative for all parties involved to prioritize the unity and well-being of the association and work towards a solution that upholds transparency and accountability.