C’River State Gov’t Denies Allegations of Corruption in Ongoing Promotion Exercise

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Calabar– The Cross River State Government has vehemently refuted allegations of corruption circulating on social media regarding the ongoing staff promotion exercise in the state. The administration issued a public service announcement to dissociate itself from any malpractice and to warn employees against engaging in illicit practices for promotion purposes.

The public service announcement, attributed to Dr. Innocent E. Eteng, the Head of Service in Cross River state, expressed dismay at the preposterous publication titled ‘Red Alert.’ The statement addressed the allegations of a director in the Civil Service Commission demanding gratification from civil servants participating in the promotion exercise.

The government’s response stressed the commitment to due process, emphasizing that promotions must adhere to recommendations from the relevant Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) and the Senior Staff Management Committee (SSMC). Additionally, promotions must meet the required maturity period as stipulated by the Public Service Rules and existing government circulars.

Dr. Eteng warned civil/public servants, their relatives, and agents to desist from offering money or gratification for promotional purposes. The Head of Service categorically stated that promotions lacking due process and proper endorsement would be rejected by the office of the Head of Service.

The government’s position is clear: it disapproves of any form of corruption in the promotion exercise and expects all civil/public servants to adhere strictly to due process. The announcement concludes with an injunction for immediate and strict compliance.

In the wake of these developments, the originator of the allegations, Iwara U. Iwara, a journalist in the state, asserted that civil servants were compelled to present an envelope containing N20,000 to a certain director during the promotion exercise. Iwara reported that those who could not provide the requested amount were allegedly denied access to the exercise.

As the controversy unfolds, attention is drawn to the ongoing promotion exercise, and stakeholders will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure transparency and fairness in the civil service promotion process in Cross River State.