Cross River Embarks on Ambitious Transportation Revitalization

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In a move to enhance the transportation landscape in Cross River state, Pastor Ekpenyong Cobham, the Commissioner for Transportation, shared notable updates on ongoing projects and future plans during a recent statement NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

On Sunday Cobham revealed, “We have renovated 17 bus stops, and we plan to fix 50 new ones across the state. Contracts for traffic lights have been awarded in the dying days of last year. We have come up with a more digital numbering system.” Although specific details of the new numbering system were not immediately available, the Commissioner emphasized that contracts for Calabar metropolis have already been awarded.

These initiatives align with the state’s commitment to fostering a more efficient and modern transportation system. The renovation of bus stops aims to enhance the overall commuter experience, providing comfortable and functional waiting areas Cobham observed. The introduction of new bus stops, combined with the awarded contracts for traffic lights, signifies a strategic effort to address traffic management and improve safety on the roads.

Moreover, the adoption of a digital numbering system suggests a shift towards leveraging technology to streamline and modernize transportation logistics within the state. While the exact details of this system were not provided at the moment, it hints at a more advanced and user-friendly approach to addressing transportation challenges.

This is against the backdrop of the Civic Engagement session organised by the Cross River Movement (TCRM) at the beginning of the week (Sunday) with the themed “Cross River State Civic Engagement on Transportation,” where Cobham made the disclosures.

According to Iso Bassey the convener, the purpose of this session was to create an open and constructive platform for citizens to connect directly with government officials, including Commissioner Ekpenyong Cobham. The conversation covered real-time discussions, polls, surveys, and a town hall-style format, providing citizens with the opportunity to address questions or concerns related to transportation in the state.

The Commissioner’s participation in this session is pivotal to offering citizens insights into the vision, challenges, and plans for the Cross River State Transportation System. The session was broadcasted live on Sparkling FM 92.3, Calabar, ensuring broader accessibility and transparency.