NAPPS Cross River Clarifies Election Controversy amidst Misguided Claims

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In response to recent concerns raised by certain members, NAPPS Cross River State issued a comprehensive clarification addressing various contentious issues, including election guidelines, delegate composition, and campaigning allegations. The association, comprising the State Executive Council, Zonal Heads, Chapter Chairmen, and Critical Stakeholders, emphasized the need for unity and urged members to maintain focus as they approach the eagerly anticipated transition on February 5, 2024.

Excerpts below, signed by 15 key figures, shed light on the misgivings and counter the positions presented by a group identifying themselves as NAPPS Stakeholders in Cross River State. The clarification covers essential points, providing insights into the constitution, delegate composition, campaign allegations, qualifications for contesting, zoning, tenure, financial transparency, and the call for the resignation of the president.

The association called on its members to stay focused, continue normal activities, and extend support to ensure a successful transition on the specified date. As NAPPS Cross River State navigates this period of controversy, the leadership remains steadfast in fostering a cohesive and resilient community within the association:

NAPPS Cross River Clarifies Election Controversy Amidst Misguided Claims

1. Their position on Article 80 sub-section 3 of the NAPPS constitution is that election guidelines be released 60 days before an election. Indeed, the petitioners do not know the constitution they quoted as the provision states that SECOM is to release the guidelines 3 weeks before the election and this was released on the 8th of January, 2024 for the State election which is scheduled for 5th of February, 2024. This is 1 month and 3 days to the election.

2. Their position on the composition and number of delegates by SECOM is defective as the composition of delegates for the election is already captured in the NAPPS constitution, Article 18, hence it would have been superfluous to restate what has already been stated.

3. Their allegation of members of SECOM campaigning for candidates is laughable, especially as it’s been branded within an executive concern. Well, he who alleges must prove.

4. That members who participated in the conduct of chapter elections resigned to contest in the state election. However, they did not specify whether this concerns electoral position or appointment. We wish that Article 79.5 can be referred to. We want to also state that the qualification to contest or not to contest rests on the shoulders of SECOM saddled with the responsibilities to do so.

5. On the issue of zoning, this was a gentleman’s agreement. Anyone who is not satisfied should go to the field as neither the executive nor SECOM has the power to stop anyone from contesting, as election is a test of one’s popularity.

6. On the demand for the resignation of the president and the Constitution of a transition Committee, we wish to state that his tenure and that of the executive did not end in May 2023 as alleged.

7. The Chairman of NAPPS has not shied away from rendering a proper statement of account.

We therefore urge all NAPPS members to remain focused and go about their normal businesses. We implore you all to continue to support this administration to a Successful Transition on the 5th of February, 2024.