Nigeria Advocates Responsible Use of Technology at United Nations Parliamentary Hearing

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Nigeria Advocates for Responsible Use of Technology at the United Nations Parliamentary Hearing


New York, February 9, 2024


In a recent address at the United Nations Annual Parliamentary Hearing, Asuquo Ekpenyong Jr., last week, the Parliamentary Representative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, highlighted the strides Nigeria has made in leveraging emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance global peace and security NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

Mr. Ekpenyong acknowledged the transformative potential of these technologies but pointed out persistent challenges. Funding constraints, ethical concerns, and privacy issues were outlined as hurdles hindering the full adoption of technology for peace and security purposes. Particularly, the surge in digital transactions underscored the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity training and the establishment of robust legal frameworks.

Expressing Nigeria’s commitment to overcoming these challenges, Mr. Ekpenyong stated, “Nigeria is committed to addressing these challenges to fully harness the transformative potential of emerging technology in ensuring peace and security.” This commitment signifies the country’s dedication to utilizing technology responsibly for the greater good.

The parliamentary representative also addressed concerns about the potential risks associated with Artificial Intelligence, particularly its implications for national security. This reflects a growing awareness of the need to balance technological advancements with safeguards to protect against unintended consequences.

As technology continues to evolve, discussions at international forums like the United Nations Parliamentary Hearing become crucial in establishing global standards and cooperation for the responsible use of emerging technologies.

Mr. Asuquo Ekpenyong Jr.’s remarks underscore Nigeria’s proactive stance in navigating the complexities of the digital age, emphasizing the importance of collaboration to address shared challenges and ensure a secure global environment.