Calabar Faces Intense Heatwave… Weather forecast

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A recent weather forecast from Weather Data on Monday, February 12, warned residents of Calabar, the ancient port capital of Cross River State, to brace themselves for an upcoming week of “excessive heat.” The forecast included phrases such as “severe weather alert” and predicted a consistent spell of intense heat throughout the week NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Instructively, this year’s excessive weather conditions may be further complicated by the policy of the incumbent state governor, Sen. Bassey Otu, recent lifting of the moratorium on logging of wood in the Cross River forest
It will be recalled that two years ago (2022) Cross River recorded instances of excessive hot weather which was arguably attributed to the deforestation policies of the immediate administration of Professors Ayade and Ivara Ejemot Esu especially the 276 km superhighway project which did not see the light of day but, saw woods along the proposed evacuation corridor from Bakassi to Bekwarra LGAs eventually logged

According to the forecast, temperatures in Calabar were expected to reach 37°C on Monday, 36°C on Tuesday, 35°C on Wednesday, 34°C on Thursday, 36°C on Friday, and 35°C on Saturday.

Reports from residents on Cross River’s cyberspace affirmed the accuracy of the weather forecast. Linus Obogo, a former media aide to the immediate past governor, Ben Ayade, expressed concern about the scorching heat on Facebook, humorously linking it to the performance of the national football team at AFCON. Wofai Usani, partaking in the #ofcoursechallenge, jokingly stated, “I am a Nigerian; of course, heat wants to kill me.” Meanwhile, Queen Jessy compared the hot weather to the preference for colder climates abroad, and Oghenegoma Favour humorously contemplated traveling to Canada to escape the intense heat.

Recalling the hot weather experienced two years ago in 2022, which was associated with deforestation policies, notably the proposed superhighway project, the article hinted that the current weather conditions might be further exacerbated by the recent lifting of the moratorium on illegal logging by the current governor, Sen. Bassey Otu.