Valentine’s Day: Partners for Peace Urges Governor Otu to Strengthen Peacebuilding Efforts

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CALABAR – Partners for Peace, a prominent advocate for harmony and conflict management, has delivered an open message to the Cross River State Government, calling for a more robust approach to peacebuilding mechanisms in the state NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

In their Valentine’s Day communication, the organization emphasized the role of love and connections in navigating life’s challenges. However, the message took a pointed turn as Partners for Peace addressed the pressing issue of communal conflicts and the government’s response.

While acknowledging the People’s First initiative led by Governor Otu, the network of Peacebuilding Partners contends that commendable efforts must extend beyond basic amenities to address the escalating communal conflicts. The organization called for a reflection on the over 700 lives and properties worth billions of Naira lost in the state due to these crises within the last one year.

Expressing concern about the immediate attention required, especially with the approaching farming season, the statement signed by its State Coordinator, Ukorebi Esien, stressed the need for a proactive and comprehensive peacebuilding strategy. The organization contends that such an approach is not only crucial for the well-being and security of citizens but is also indispensable for the sustainable development and prosperity of Cross River State.

In a sincere plea, Partners for Peace calls on the government to collaborate in prioritizing and investing in peacebuilding initiatives. The organization urges a united front to create an environment where every citizen feels secure, valued, and included.