Labour Party A’Ibom Member Calls for End to Internal Strife, Vows Legal Action

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There is evidence of internal wranglings within the ranks of the opposition Labour Party (LP) in Akwa Ibom state.

In a bid to address the internal turmoil within the Labour Party (LP) in Akwa Ibom State, Ikakke Bassey, spokesperson for the LP Gubernatorial Candidate of 2023, has issued a stern statement condemning the alleged shambolic practices and illegality plaguing the party NEGROIDHAVEN has learnt.

Bassey minced no words in his critique, asserting, “Many people defending the just concluded ‘national convention’ at Nnewi are either illiterate, dubious, or outrightly corrupt. The rascality within the system must be checked.”

Aisha Yesufu (L) with Ikakke Bassey (B) during the 2023 general elections campaign in Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Expressing a staunch commitment to upholding the party’s constitution and the rule of law, Bassey emphasized, “This is not a fight against a person or groups of persons, but a fight for the life of Labour Party in Akwa Ibom state.” He called for adherence to the party’s constitutional provisions, particularly emphasizing the principles of equality among members and the right to participate in party activities and decision-making processes.

Furthermore, Bassey highlighted the importance of legal recourse, stating, “Hence, my team and I are putting up legal infrastructure in the State and beyond, should any member of the party be intimidated in whatsoever guise, let us know, we’ll spring into action immediately.” He urged party members to familiarize themselves with the party constitution and act in accordance with it to safeguard the integrity and unity of the LP in Akwa Ibom State.

The statement concluded with a resounding call to action, as Bassey rallied LP members, declaring, “For now, we fight to protect the Party from being torn apart by few individuals, starting from resisting the suspension of the 9 chapter Chairmen by Mr. Lincoln Charles.”

A cross section of Labour Party stakeholders in Akwa Ibom are of the opinion that with Bassey’s firm stance and proactive approach, the LP in Akwa Ibom stands at a pivotal juncture, as internal discord threatens to undermine its foundational principles and collective objectives. They argue that these developments have implications for the opposition in the state.