PIND Foundation Calls for Participation in 2024 Participatory Strategic Review

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The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) is extending an invitation to stakeholders, partners, and the general public to participate in its 2024 Participatory Strategic Review (PSR), aimed at shaping the organization’s future interventions in the Niger Delta region NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

In a statement released by PIND recently, the organization emphasized its commitment to improving the lives and livelihoods of the people in the Niger Delta, stating, “PIND has invested over NGN 93 billion, sourced from the region’s government, donor agencies, and the private sector.” The statement highlights PIND’s multifaceted approach to development, including initiatives to enhance income, promote best farming practices, equip youth with market-relevant skills, provide energy to coastal communities, and restore peace to conflict-ridden areas.

Crucially, the PSR process relies on the feedback and insights of stakeholders and members of the public to shape PIND’s strategic direction. As the statement notes, “Every five years, PIND develops a strategic plan informed by a Participatory Strategic Review (PSR) of their work.” This review assesses the effectiveness of PIND’s developmental strategies and approaches, informing new directions and identifying opportunities for continued impact in the Niger Delta.

To facilitate participation in the PSR, PIND has launched an online survey, inviting individuals to share their feedback and suggestions for future interventions. The statement urges stakeholders to seize this opportunity to make their voices heard, emphasizing the importance of community input in designing effective programs and interventions for the region.

“We invite you to share your feedback on their impact in the region and suggestions on how their work can benefit you and further enhance the lives and livelihoods of the Niger Deltans,” the statement concludes, underscoring PIND’s commitment to inclusive and participatory development in the Niger Delta.

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