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    Destination Cross River 2.0

    Calabar needs a new City that would trigger her Economic prosperity... I made a post last year on why I think the best use of...


    Have you ever borrowed five thousand Naira from a friend and when it's time for you to pay back, you were expected to pay...

    How to Fix Politics in Nigeria

    To fix politics in Nigeria and beat the political elites in Nigeria to their game, we need to fix the funding of politics and...

    Charity won’t Improve Africa but Entrepreneurship and Fair Global Trade will

    I strongly believe that Aids & Charity is making Africa still underdeveloped. Hear me out -  Note: TL;DR In the past 50 years, Africa has received...

    The Race to $1 – A Major Test for Dogecoin

    Dogecoin started as a meme, a joke at cryptocurrency but looking at the market capitalization now at $54billion and dogecoin price passing $00.50 (50...

    Is Calabar Lacking Local Start-up Investors?

    As regards Calabar and the Ease of Doing Business and the attitude of the government to creating an enabling environment, let's say we all...