About Us —- Negroid Family

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Negroid Haven is the brainchild of four Africans of
Nigerian origin.
As the spur of the moment, it is a hydra-headed information
hub whose interest spans across a flurry of facets including –entertainment,
sports, politics, economy, culture, academics, fashion and technology, etc.

It may interest you to know that while other blogs finger
one or two at most, of the features just highlighted above, Negroid Haven
blends all in one auspicious lump, not because she wishes to be a jack of all
these trades and master of none, but because she, like a sumptuous meal with
variant condiments, anticipate to coalesce these dimensions into a
multi-faceted information superstructure of global grandeur. Again, in view of
contributing uniquely to Africa’s development, Negroid Haven floats
African-oriented and relevant-to-Africa information.

However, another interesting feature about this online
information facility is that one can publish perspectives in the various areas
that interest Negroid Haven.
This explains why we assert that she is the spur of the
moment. In fact, it suffices to opine that
Negroid Haven is the one stop
information window to Africa and the world at large.

Welcome to Negroid Haven!