ENTERTAINMENT: Ghannian Actor Solomon Akiyes Annouces He is A Cheat

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The actor who allegedly married and tried to walk another woman to the alter is at it again. while thanking God for seeing him through 2014 this morning. Explained this on his facebook page..

 For 365 days I was sequestered into all forms of relationships including enemies who front as friends girlfriends who front as wives killers who front as brothers, haters who front as sisters. I went through each one putting them where they all belong. For 365 days I survived transcient good times and some bad times that just won't go. But such didn't take pre-eminence. For 365 days in pursuit of my career I assumed different characters. But they did not affect me negatively. Just as for 365days I mounted all forms of high rise buildings and bridges put together by ordinary men and non collapsed against me. In the last 365 days what killed others dId not kill me though the circumstances were identical. It can only take the abundance of grace and undying love to survive 365 days of uncertainty. And who else gives me this grace and protects me in His loving arms but the Father Himself, the lover of my soul and best friend, Jesus Christ! I glorify your name Lord for helping me finish 2014 strong and starting 2015 even stronger!!!!