MARRIAGE : Top Qualities Your Future Wife Must Have.

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By Lizzy Adie. 
For all the single ladies,  men inevitably come to that point in their lives when decision making is paramount.  They carefully plan and strategize their choices because it affect the outcome of their future career, finances and over all directions of their lives. For the most important decision they make, men take very little time to develop any rules before hand. Men were created to love. It is natural, and certainly a beautiful gift they are should enjoy. These steps are not a fool proof plan of life long marital bliss. Marriage is hard work, but without considering these factors , you are preparing your marriage for a failure.
1.  A Standard of Living: We all have standards,  some of you might need to think about reevaluating yours, but we all have them. The frustration in marriage will only begin to burn if you’re with a girl with a world of standards apart from your own. One of this things will happen – compromise or divorce. Or both.
2.  Committed: Marriage is for life.  Don’t commit your self to any one you cannot see your self with till death do you part. Divorce rates are only climbing because boys don’t ever grow up into men. Fight for your girl every step of the way. A successful marriage requires falling in love over and over with the same person. A boy makes excuses and quit. A man understands the vows he made and never stop falling in love with his bride.
3.  Who said faith matters.? Marry a girl who shares your belief of God.  This is the most fundamental step to consider. If you marry a girl who does not believe in the God you worship, you end up being in misery.
4.  She has to know how to smile : These are the most precious and treasured moments. Life is not easy.  The pressures and anxieties of life only get tougher. Marry a wife who knows how to laugh with you until you’re too old beautiful souls. Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.
5.  Check her family : If you want a preview of what your family will be like, just take a good look at the relationship between her and her parent.
6.  If a girl does not have time for you now, she won’t when you married.  The most satisfying aspect in relationship is time spent with a girl who genuinely wants to be by your side.
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