LAUGH ZONE: Akpos go join di Nigeria Army

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By Hitler

Akpos go join di Nigeria Army. After di hard training wey im receive, Akpos successfully pass out from The Nigeria Army. For pass out ceremoney na so oga commandant dey assign posting.
Commdt: Ambali kuka!
Ambali: Sir!
Commdt: Posted to Kogi State.
Ambali: Yes sir, thank u sir!
Commdt: Muniru Sulaiman!
Muniru: Sir!
Commdt: Posted to Delta State.
Muniru: Yes sir, thank u sir!
Commdt: Akpos Ojong Itikoloko!
Akpors: Sir!!
Commdt: Posted to Borno State.
Akpors: RETIRED SIR, THANK YOU SIR, I no wan die sir!!
(Na who wan go die with Boko Haram for Borno)
Girl & Boy Discussion
Gurl :- How much you love me ?
B0i :- I ? I love you s0 much, I can’t measure.
Gurl :- N0, Just tell me naKiss
B0i :- 0h ok, I be like a ph0ne & you go be sim card. Der is n0 me without you.
Gurl *blushing*Kiss :- Awwwwww dat is s00000 r0mantic
B0i says to himself :- See mumu!! Watt if i’m a china ph0ne with three sims? ode!