5 Real Reasons Why Nigerian Men Patronize Prostitutes

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Yes, when you look around you, you would be surprised to see ‘very responsible’ Nigerian men and men who supposedly look too innocent to even steal a glance at a sex worker talk less of ‘doing it with her, find time to “hang out” with these women. Shockingly, from recent survey, a good percentage of Nigerian men (especially married ones), do patronize prostitutes.
The statistics and reasons given as to why some of these men prefer sleeping with harlots will shock you. Well, we spoke with a good number of Nigerian men and it would be worthy to note at this point that some of these men have at one point or the other paid for sex before.
With the following 5 points, here are the real reasons why Nigerian men (and probably a good number of men from every nooks and crannies of the world) prefer to pay for sex.
1. Men Prefer To Sleep With Hotter Women
Yes, you read right. Most married Nigerian men complained that the moment a Nigerian woman is married, she losses her guard and most times cannot even ‘try’ to be as radiant as she used to be before she got married.
“I have been with women and i must say that the hottest women I’ve ever had sex with is a sex workers …Most of these harlots look sexy, ravishing and enticing. This kind of ‘hotness’ I am saying can only be prostitutes. My woman is too used to me to starting feigning ‘hot’!, a top Lagos civil servant reveals.
Most Nigerian men prefer a stunning woman to the one that is not properly dressed.
2. When They Pay For It, They Derive More Pleasure.
Every man wants to get every drop of satisfaction from the money he paid for a job. Most men reveal that they feel more comfortable asking for different styles and sexual postures from a prostitutes without their ego being tampered with.
I am paying for it, so I make sure I get the best out of it. And more so, I can ask her to do any style for me without me being looked at as a pervert. Asking her to do what I want won’t make me lose my respect and lots of other things which i can make known here’‘, 42-year-old Emeka revealed.
Most of them said there’s something very hot in being able to ask for what you want in bed and get it, no questions asked. (Although one guy did admit he paid a prostitute once so that SHE could be in charge.) But generally, they all admitted to being more open about what they wanted and more physically satisfied when they paid for sex. Emotionally, of course, remains to be seen.
3. Men love fantasy.
Trying new things really matter to men a lot when sex is concerned. This is because at a point in time, it gets boring and it is the fantasy and sexual adventures that you try out that keeps you going. So most men go out to have this adventure if they cannot get it at home.
“I like to try things. When I pay a prostitute, I’m not worried about what I ask for. Nothing shocks them”, Mr Shola, a 45 year old banker revealed.
4. Men like the fastest route to having sex.
“Getting a prostitute is so easy: no strings attached, you can choose [the woman you want] before you purchase, then they arrive at your door. Couldn’t be easier.”
All men used different methods of visiting prostitutes. While some revealed they used some websites, a larger percentage revealed that they visited a brothel and another set got the prostitute’s number via personal connection. But they all agreed: it was the quickest way to get sex when they felt the urge.
5. We want to avoid complications.
Men prefer a sexual experience with no drama and no commitment whatsoever. For the married ones, they do not want sex that they have to beg for, men prefer sex without all the promises and all.
“We want to have sex without all the drama. I just want to have sex without the need to made you to beg for it. I want sex without my wife reminding me all what needs to be done in the house instead of having sex at the moment”,another middle-aged, Lagos-based man revealed.
What do you think about these reasons? Are they good enough reasons for men to patronize prostitutes? What do you think wives can do to prevent this?