ECONOMY: Akwa Ibom in Flames!

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By Edu Etukakpan| 19 March 2015| 1:00 pm
Wednesday 18 March will go down in the annals of Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom as a terrible day.
In Ikot Akan, a petrol tanker alleged to be coming from Calabar NNPC depot, in the bids to negotiate the East-West road and proceed towards Port Harcourt capsized as the fuel was said to leak out.
However, and luckily, there was no casualty; the driver and his two attaches is reported to have disappeared from the scene of the incident.
The conflagration is said to have been triggered off when the inferno slipped towards a roasted meat vendor by the roadside at exactly 6:15 pm and continued for three hours.
Officers of the state fire service department arrived very late, and were accordingly returned by angry villagers. The inferno was so intense that traffic was frustrated for awhile. The good news is that the fire outbreak did not catch up with any human life.